New safety - Don´t you know where to put your stuff?

We do! YourSafe® ensures you worry-free holidays.
Feel yourself everywhere in the world as safe as at home. YourSafe® makes a new type of freedom possible. Enjoy your vacations completely relaxed, without any concerns! 

At last holidays! You simply want to relax and enjoy your well-deserved time out alone, with your family or with your friends. But neither swimming together nor strolling through the town bring any relaxation. Where to put the mobile phone, the sunglasses o a full-packed beach bag?  Who knows where the next theft will happen? Someone has to bite the bullet and look out for the valuables on the beach while all others are having fun.

With YourSafe® it is over! The automated outdoor safes offer thanks to its easy and keyless handling the required safety and the right comfort for a well-deserved relaxation. With YourSafe® your worry-free holidays are guaranteed!

YourSafe® advantages

  • Guaranteed safety
  • Different safe box sizes
  • Comfortable and cheap
  • Worldwide tested
The Yoursafe offers you security for your vacation

YourSafe® Handling

With these outdoor safes, keys are things of yesterday!

YourSafes® only work with your personal 4-digit
PIN, that is set by yourself and only you know.
After booking you get a reservation number that needs to be enhanced to your personal PIN to open the password-protected safe. The innovative safety concept of YourSafe® convinces through its easy and fast operability that it is the best safety possibility for your valuables.


Safety is a valuable asset, but it is not always and everywhere available. Only a person without fear can take time out and relax. Easily you can also be really relaxed everywhere!

Safety guarantee

The manufacturer ensures you not only opening guarantee for the safe box, but also safety for your valuables put in the YourSafe®.

Password protection

Only you know the right number combination for the rented safe. Do not worry about the where-
abouts of an annoying locker key. YourSafe® is the key to your dream holidays!